Suitable for lifting, pressurising and distribution in civil and industrial installations, autoclave and cistern inlets, fire fighting and washing plants, irrigations system. Draws from wells, tanks or natural basins.

The radial hydrodynamic configuration reduces the dimension of the hydraulic elements, allowing an elevated number of stages to be used in order to obtain high pressures with modest flows.

The pump is formed by an electric motor type:
10’’ MS 201 or MS 251

The flanging of connection to the motor and the shaft projection comply with the following standards:
10’’ NEMA 1-18.424 standard for MS 201.


The hydraulic specifications shown are based on use in cold water (15°C) at an atmospheric pressure of 1 bar and a density of 1000 Kg/m3. As these pumps are made in series, they are guaranteed according to the UNI EN ISO 9906, attachment A, on request UNI EN ISO 9906 level 1.

• Fluid: chemically and mechanically non-aggressive, with a maximum solid substance content equal to the hardness and grain size of silt (40 g/m3)

• Maximum temperature: 30°C

• Maximum working pressure:

4” 39 bar

6” 54 bar

8” 62 bar

10” 95 bar

• Direction of rotation: Looking by the outlet, anticlockwise for pumps 4″-6″(NR152, S-151K) and clockwise for pumps 6″-8″-10″.

• Installation: vertical / horizontal.

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