The centrifugal multistage horizontal pumps of series TM are used in irrigation systems, systems of high pressure lifting, refrigeration, heating, snowing, cleaning, in boiler systems, in condensed extraction and in fire-fighting systems.

Centrifugal multistage horizontal pumps driven by elastic or hydro-dynamic coupling, anti-clock wise rotation looked from drive side.

Suction body with axial inlet; intermediate stage composed of stage body and the corresponding diffuser with wearing rings. Replaceable impeller seats.
Delivery body with upward outlet, with the possibility of turning it at 90°C., both directions. Drive side bearing support with high rigidity. Suction side support of sliding type, lubricated by the pumped liquid. Shaft in stainless steel completely protected. Adjustable packing seal on the shaft, in alternative not balanced or balanced mechanical seal, according to the working pressure.
External tie rods for tightening of the intermediate stages.

Flow rate : up to 230 m3/h
Head : up to 400 m
Speed : 1450 – 3500 R.P.M.
Inlet PN 16
Outlet PN 40
Maximum working pressure : 40 bars
Temperature of pumped liquid: min.: –15°C. max.: 120°C.
Ambient Temperature (group of electric pump): max. 40°C. (please, request verification for higher temperatures).
The pumped liquid has to be chemically and mechanically suitable for the utilized materials.

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