Vehicle Mounted Pump TO 6000

Pump (NP)
fire fighting pump, single-stage
seawater-resistant Aluminium-alloy or red brass/gunmetal
pump shaft stainless
mechanical seal

Pump (HP)
pheriphalpump, single-stage
casing from stainless steel
on the same shaft like normal pressure pump (NP)

Safety unit
thermal relief
overpressure valve

Delivery rate (NP)
5000…6000 l/min at 10 Bar and 3 m suction height

Delivery rate (HP)
250 l/min at 40 bar

FPN 10-5000/FPH 40-250
FPN 10-5000/FPH 40-400
FPN 10-6000/FPH 40-250
FPN 10-6000/FPH 40-400

nominal speed 2100…2200 U/min
coupling power 190…210 kW
drive flange DN 120
clockwise (see at the drive flange of the pump)

Priming system
VACUMAT plus, automatic priming system, without pressure
suction height max. 8 m
oilfree, maintenance free

Suction inlet
Flansch (basis)
Options: siamesis, tank connection, international coupling systems (e.g. STORZ, BS336) for suction hoses

Pressure outlet (NP)
2 x Flansch (basis)
Options: manifold with pressure valve or ball valve, connection with one or more Schnellangriffshaspeln, connection for tank filling line, connection for fast attack, monitor outlet, international coupling systems (e.g. STORZ, BS336) for pressure hoses

Pressure outlet (HP)
Thread G 1 1/4″, electro-pneumatic-controlled

24 V DC
Option: 12 V DC

operation panel with gauges
(others please see “Accessories“)

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