VRF pumpe

The Vest Jet pump has been delivered with hydraulic motors for ship, offshore and industrial applications for many years.  When running the Vest Jet pump hydraulic you get a flexible pump when it comes to capacity and pressure. Depending on capacity and pressure available on the hydraulic system you can increase the speed which will give you more capacity and pressure on the pump.

The hydraulic driven Vest Jet pump may also be delivered as submersible. Some of our hydraulic driven submersible pumps are working on 1200 m depth. These pumps are used for filling/emptying suction anchors for offshore rigs. The Vest Jet pump is used in a wide range of applications such as:

  • Pumping Mud / produced seawater, Brine, slurry,
  • Pumps installed on ROV for flushing etc. (submersible)
  • Pumps used for draining/filling suction anchor.
  • Emptying of shipwrecks. (Reference: Emptying “Blucher”and Green Ålesund)
  • Pumps mounted on road tankers (emptying/filling)
  • Ship/Fishing boats (Fire, bilge, ballast, washing down and cooling pumps)


The hydraulic driven Vest Jet pump gets very positive feedback from our customers regarding flexibility and reliability. When it comes to capacity and pressure, the hydraulic driven Vest Jet pump is similar the original pumping arrangement.

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