Recircling plants, heating, air conditioning, heat recovery, plants of water supply procurement, pressurising units and fire-fighting systems.

Hydraulics: pump body with dimension and performances according to EN 733 rules, closed impeller dynamically balanced and with balance holes for the for the balancing of the axial thrust. Shaft completely in stainless steel, greased ball bearings, flanges (UNI EN 1092-2): up to DN 150: PN16, from DN 200:PN10.
Mechanical seal; see page 152, special seals on request.
For constructive materials, please, refer to page 6.
Motor: asynchronous with 2 or 4 poles and with external ventilation.
Protection: IP55
Insulation: class F
Standard tensions: 220-240V up to 4 kW, 380-415V / 660- 720V starting from 5,5 kW.
Frequency: 50 Hz

DN aspiration: from 50 up to 100 (150 for IR4P) –
DN delivery: from 32 up to 80 (125 for IR4P).
Qmax: 275 m3/h @ 2900 1/min • 400 m3/h @ 1450 1/min
Hmax: 100 m @ 2900 1/min • 43 m @ 1450 1/min
Temperature of the pumped liquid: from -15°C up to +120°C
Max operation pressure (see table at page 4 of the catalogue)
Max environment temperature: 40°C (for higher temperature, please, verify).

Pumps: UNI EN ISO 9906 Appendix A, level 1 on request. Motor: IEC 60034-1 rules.
The electric pumps can be positioned with horizontal, sloping or vertical axis always with the motor upwards. The operating characteristics of the catalogue and label are to be understood for continuous service and with clear water (specific weight = 1000 kg/m3) with a max manometric suction height of approximately 1,5 m.
For higher manometric heights and up to a max of approximately 6-7 m., the characteristics decrease in the various delivery data.
The suction piping must be absolutely hermetic and for the catalogue data it must have the following minimum diameters (pipes of smaller diameters reduce the delivery values):
DN (pump suction) – mm 50 65 80 100 125 150
DN (suction pipe) – mm 80 100 150 200 250 300

Constructive materials (page 6)
Different mechanical seals (page 152)
Mechanical seal normalized according to UNI EN 12756
Special tensions
Frequency 60 Hz
Kit counterflanges
Motors with PTC protection

IR Data Sheet (388.23 Kb)

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