MG1 – MG2

Electropumps MG1-MG2 are used in plants for recirculation, heating, air-conditioning, fire-fighting, heat recovery and water supply, generally speaking.
They are also used for setting up pumping units, irrigation and sprinkling systems, autoclaves and various industrial services.

MG1-MG2 electropumps are of the single-impeller, single-block centrifugal type with rigid coupling, coupled to a standard B3/B5 form asynchronous motor.
The coupling is obtained by means of a block with ball bearing on which the pump shaft is secured and integrated with a rigid coupling.
The pump body is standardised in compliance with UNI-EN 733.
The motor unit and the rotating part of the pump can be taken away without removing the pump body from the system piping.

Flow rates up to 255 m3/h, pressure heads up to 98m at 2,950 1/min.
Temperature of liquid pumped: -15C° to +120C°.
Special versions on request.
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
Maximum ambient temperature: 40C° (please, request verification for higher temperatures).


 IR9 / MG / NCB Data Sheet (6.48 Mb)
 Saer_MG1-MG2.pdf 1.39 Mb

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