The VRF series represents the high pressure pumps in Vest Service’s production program. With higher maximum pressure and a restricted amount of water, the VRF series covers a wide range of applications. In addition, the suction quality of the pumps renders them even more useful and adaptable.

Onboard vessels, the VRF series are maily used for fire and flushing purposes. We deliver pumps to most categories of vessels. Fish farming industries use these pumps for flushig, circulating, pressure boosting and for the thawing of ice. Otherwise, the VRF pumps are used in the construction business for over and underwater flushing, as pressure boosteers in water-works and in the chemical industry for the pumping of aggressive liquids and liquids of high temperature. After first time priming, the VRF pump becomes selfpriming.

Product details:
 VRF_300-500_50hz.jpg 509.29 Kb
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