The low pressure pumps from Vest-Service are described as the VRG-series. These are pumps with a relatively low pressure but with a correspondingly larger amount of waterflow.

The “VEST-JET” VRG pumps are ideal for consistent running conditions In aggressive surroundings. The pump does not get worn out and is guaranteed non-corrosive. The VRG-pumps are preferably used as transfer-. cooling, bilge- and ballast pumps etc. The capacity curves show pumps with 50 and 60 Hz motors. We dimension the motors to the current avaiiable, thus preventing overloading of the motor. The VRG-pumps can be delivered with the same power outtake as the VRF pumps.

These low pressure pumps are mainly sold to shipowners and shipyards in steadily increasing numbers. They are being used as fuel oil, transfer, bilge, ballast, cooling- and stripping pumps in addition to the VRF pumps for fire and flushing purposes.

Low operating costs and high reliability is a fitting “trade mark” of the “VEST -JET” pumps. They serve the owners for many, many years without problems.

Product details
 VRG_100-200_50Hz.jpg 331.14 Kb
 VRG_100-200_60Hz.jpg 310.52 Kb
 VRG_400-500_50Hz.jpg 321.49 Kb
 VRG_400-500_60Hz.jpg 353.39 Kb

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