Vest Champion 6” X 8” Mud pumper

“VEST CHAMPION” pump is the latest addition to our production program. The “VEST CHAMPION” is specially designed for pumping liquids with a high content of particles

Technical Description
Vest Champion 6” X 8” Technical DescriptionThe “VEST CHAMPION” is a centrifugal pump cast in stainless steel, SIS 2324, as standard. The impeller diameter can be delivered from 8″ to 13″.

Max capacity 6″ x 8″ with 1450 rpm. Approximately 680m3/h ,max pressure 4 BAR.
Max capacity 5″ x 6″ with 1450 rpm. Approximately 475m3/h max pressure 3,8 BAR.

Both pumps can be delivered with packing cord or mechanical seals as standard sealing. Being able to vary the impeller diameter allows us to adjust the pump’s capacity so as to meet customers’ special requirements. If desired, the pump can be delivered complete with motor, coupling and coupling protection, all in one foundation. Capacity Curves: 50Hz -60 Hz Drawing example: 5″x 6″ – 6 x 8″

The “VEST CHAMPION” pump is so far primarily used offshore on drilling rigs for transporting and circulation of drilling mud. After 3 years though operation on rigs in the North Sea, the reports are amazingly good.

We quote in part the report received from a major drilling operator.

“Reduced need for supervision and maintenance, essentially lower consumption of spare parts and a high grade of operation has given us a much better operting cost compared with other pumps we have used before.”
It seems obvious that the construction of the “VEST CHAMPION” and the materials used, have resulted in a centrifugal pump with unusually good opertional qualities.

The internal construction has made it possible to attain a totally enclosed pump by using sealing cord. The sealing box has a long lifetime. In spite of months of continual operation with hard loads, no leakage has occured.

The “VEST CHAMPION” has also many applications onshore, for instance in sewage and water treatment plants, food processing industries, transport of mud, slurry, pulp and other abrasive liquids. Many of these applications present problems for the operators. We feel confident that “VEST CHAMPION”, “tailormade” to our customers requirements, will solve these problems.

Please contact us for further information.

The “VEST CHAMPION” pumps are delivered in two dimensions: 5″x6″ and 6″ x 8″. The pump is mounted on a pedestal. The delivery can include pump, motor, couplings, safety cover and any other arrangements desired.

The “VEST CHAMPION” pump is constructed for horizontal installation, but can also be installed vertically. The simple construction and mounting ensures easy installation and maintenance. Documents covering installation and maintenance instructions and a list of spare parts, accompany each delivery. Delivery time for “VEST CHAMPION” is normaly 4 weeks. Spare parts are delivered prompty from stock.

The “VEST CHAMPION” satisfies all requirements of the different Classification Societies. Certificates are supplied in accordance with customers’ instructions.


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