Old machine


Vest Jet AS was founded in 1978 and has since then manufactured stainless steel centrifugal  pumps for customers world wide. During these 39 years there has been a very positive expansion at Vest Jet, both regarding sale, production and development.

Vest Jet AS has it`s facilities on the west coast of Norway at Karmsund fiskerihavn. Here we have access to a deep water pier just outside our facilities which gives the ships and fishing vessel easy access to our facilities when they need service on their pumps.
The Vest Jet pump is  being used in a lot of different applications.

When no one else is able to deliver a proper solution, Vest Jet has been there for their customers. Vest Jet have from the beginning supplied  “tailormade” pump solutions for customers requirements.

Beside the standard pumps Vest Jet also manufacture mud pumps for the offshore industry.

Since the start in 1978 the Vest jet pump has proven itself to be most reliable with extremely low operation cost. As a result, the pump is continuously winning new markets.